I am convinced that every human was created by God to be a leader. Human beings were created to be rulers, not over human beings but all other things that God created.

Let us take a look at mankind’s first introduction to the world. Genesis 1:26 tells us how God introduced human being to creation. Genesis 1:26 says “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

This verse is the most important verse in the Bible. It is important than John 3:16 because this verse is God’s announcement about you before you fell. The word “Image” here means spirit nature and moral character. What did God create man to do? To have dominion. The word dominion here is “Radah” which means

  • Kingdom
  • Govern
  • Control
  • Rulership
  • Authority

God knew you will misbehave along the line so He was specific on what you should have a dominion over. The list includes fish, fowl, cattle, and over all the earth and everything that creeps on the earth. The list didn’t include a Human being. That is why you hate to be dominated. You were born to be a leader, not over people. This is why God doesn’t dominate you. He never violate your will. Even your salvation needs to be decided by you.

God gave you gift so that you can have a dominion over the earth. Your gift gives you the ability to have control, Rulership and authority over your world. Joseph’s gift made him a prime minister. The most important protection against crisis is your gift. You are never secured from your job. Your gift keeps you balance in time of adversity because it is one thing that can never be taken from you. Your gift protects you from your job and it is your area of leadership. Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Apostle Paul, Myles Munroe, TX Osborne, Serena Williams, Ronaldinho, Messi are some examples to this truth.

God allows crisis to hit you so He can reduce you to your gift. Nothing is impossible with your gift because it is from God.

Leadership comes from attitude. Attitude comes from belief. The lion is a king in the jungle even though it is not the biggest, strongest, tallest, or smartest but his belief made him a king. His belief destroyed all of his excuses. Your attitude is controlled by what you believe.

The first gift God gave man when He created us was His image. Whatever God gave man first was what he needed first. Image here means character. The foundation of leadership is character. The number one weakness of leaders today is character. Character means fixed, predictable, statue, set. The word character is the quality which is unchanging, dependable, and fixed as a statue. Statues don’t move when it rains. It still stands as it is when you spit on it, call it stupid, and even curse is. We can predict a statue even when we are not with it.

Are you that way? Can people say what you are like even in your absence? Can we trust when you are in the dark? Are you the same person when you are alone? What are you doing with your computer when no one is around? Do you have sex and come back to the choir to sing? Are you the same person all the time? Do you have character? Are you the same person under pressure? Do you still smile when people talk about? Are you faithful to your partner in their absence?

Do you know why leaders are so weak? They have no character. Bible says God is the same yesterday, today, and forever because He has character and He gave you the same thing. Alphabets and Numbers are called characters because they are the same wherever we find them.

Another meaning of character is principles. Principles never change. Consider gravity for instance. It’s principles are the same in every part of the earth. Ethics is character. This is why corruption must not be tolerated. Lack of ethics on the side of few people will collapse an entire country. Few Unethical people, so corrupt will cause unemployment in a a whole nation.

When you decide to do wrong, it is a personal decision but not a private decision. One decision can destroy the whole world. Living right is a global security issues. When you live right you save a whole nation and generations.

  1. Character is developed by testing and trial.
  2. Character is developed through pressure, temptation and resolve.

The credibility of leadership is character. The fall of leadership is character. The trust of leadership is character. The integrity of leadership is character. People look at me sometimes and think I was born this way. I believe what I believe. I developed my character through tough times.

Can you be faithful under disappointments? Can we trust you in time of difficulty?

Your character is more important than your gift. You can cast out demons, raise the dead, heal the sick, but if you don’t have character you’ll be destroyed. ┬áThat is why God gave man character before He gave him gift. If I had the choice between Joseph and Sampson, I will choose Joseph because He’s stronger than Sampson. A woman came to both of them and the strongest withstood. Joseph decided to go to prison before having sex. And he became a Prime Minister because he had a character. Sampson lost his anointing. How many great ministers do you know are destroyed because of single decision? Your gift, anointing, position, job, etc is at the mercy of your character. Character is not reputation. Some people have charisma but have no character. We need leaders with character not personality. No matter how great you think you are ,your character is your only protection. You can loose your greatness in five seconds.

The Difference between Reputation And Character

  1. Reputation is what others think about you but character is what you know about you.
  2. Reputation is what you are in public, character is what you are in the private.
  3. Reputation is what people see on the outside, character is what you see in the inside.

A person with integrity is someone who is the same both on the inside and the outside. His public life and private life are the same.

A leader is not a man without weakness! A leader is a man who can turn his weakness into an asset. Character protects everything.