The nations of the world do not lack people in leadership positions. They lack genuine leadership in their leaders. There are some examples of public figures, companies and government agencies that have been associated with issues of scandals involving character, ethics and violation of the law. Revelation of such scandals have become common place, they are reported almost everyday on broadcast, in news papers, on the Internet, radio and television news, Facebook and every social media.

Perhaps you are thinking, “I’m not in danger of losing my job or being sentenced to prison”. However , if we as leaders ignore the necessity of character development, if we allow character defect to influence us, then we put our leadership, our personal lives and our future at the mercy of failure.

Who Has Been Leading Us? 

  • Singing superstar Whitney Houston died tragically of accidental drowning when she was almost about taking back the root in her profession. She suffered heart disease with Cocaine found in her system.
  • Several Catholic priests in nations around the world have been charged with numerous sexual abuse. Charges have been filed in various cases, even against pastors and bishops of other congregations. What a tragedy! What will our generations unborn live by? Men of God preach virtue and practice vice. They are like the those who sit in the seat of Moses, preach the laws but don’t live it.
  • President Bill Clinton was impeached by U. S House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice related to His testimony about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
  • Tiger Woods, a golf champion, tarnished his image when his multiple extramarital affairs became public. He was divorced by His wife, and he lost several lucrative endorsement deals worth $100, 000,000.
  • Michael Jackson, a pop and rock music superstar died tragically during His rehearsal for His legendary show in his last days in the entertainment industry. Traces of drugs were found in his system as well.
  • Castro underfire, a renowned hip life star in Ghana who is married to a beautiful lady, drowned in a river with his girlfriend and his his body has not been found till date. What a shame!

The world is facing a great challenge when it comes leadership ; all through religion, politics, entertainment and art, sports, charity and Nonprofit, business and economics. A major reason is that, across the globe, much of leaders training, both formal and informal fail to include character as the esential element of leadership. In the process of raising leaders, we have produced :

  1. Gifted leaders without character
  2. Intellectual leaders without morality.
  3. Visionary leaders without values.
  4. Charismatic leaders without character.
  5. Spiritual leaders without conscience and character.
  6. Powerful leaders without principles.

And at the end of it all it is the society, filled with abled people who experience the effect of disloyalty.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to socie”. This is very true. Looking at the alarming issues arising in our society tells us how poorly we’ve progressed in our leadership trainings. The progress of character development has been frightening. We’ve failed!

Philosophy,  or Beliefs 

Our beliefs come from what we’ve been exposed to or have developed from our observations and analysis which we have received as truth. So many ideas we accept may be true or false or possibly incomplete. These beliefs that we accept becomes part of us and form the foundation on which we live. This why before a person changes his belief system, he needs to change his ideas first. The world for centuries have been built on philosophy. This is nothing but a man’s fallacious ideas which yields only chaos.

If a leader accepts the concept “It’s everyone for himself in this world”, He will always put himself before other people. True leaders always place highest values on the dignity of all others. I am of much conviction that you should only be in leadership if you respect others.