Taking a look at the world and what is happening gets me scared most a time. We are living in a time where most people don’t even care about their salvation. We are blinded by fashion and technology. Science has caused many blind, even philosophy has buried many in the field of deception. What is sin now looks normal. Committing adultery and divorcing is normal. Youth engaging in drugs, prostitution and every negative lifestyle is now normal. What has come over us?

Countries are making laws that even fight against God. Calling God a lair! And the saddest part is that souls are not been won by our pastors anymore. Because everything is now money. We don’t even preach salvation any longer. Telling someone the truth is now perceived as judging. Hmm…

Not every norm is right. If people lie, steal, gossip, dress to expose their private parts, Preach fallacy, murder, commit adultery, cheat, and do all sort of evil doesn’t mean it is normal for you also. Wearing cloth to expose yourself isn’t right, lying isn’t right, sleeping around with men isn’t right, womanizing is wrong my brother. Stealing money in the office is wrong. Stealing someone’s property is wrong. Pastor lying just to look right in the sight of Men is wrong. Lesbianism and gay is an abomination before God. Enlarging your breast and ass is a sin. God cannot be mocked. Becoming a transgender is a sin. If you deny your brother food, cloth, and shelter you have sinned. Don’t be fooled by fashion. Don’t be normal, do the right thing.

If telling you the right thing will make you depart and break friendship with me then I will rather tell you so that it keeps ringing in your ears. Don’t be the reason or the cause of someone’s fall. Let people see you and glorify your father in Heaven.

If you tell your son, smoking is a sin, you ain’t condemning your son but the sin. Judging is you doing exactly what you condemning. That’s why Christ said ‘if none of you is guilty of the charges on this adulterer then stone her’. Everyone went aside; Guilty of the same crime. Now ‘love’ is what you need for you to have faith. And without faith there’s no Grace. And faith without work is dead. So if you love God and you have faith in Christ, yet still don’t work out your salvation with fear and trembling, by obeying God and keeping his decree, your faith will not save you. You will be counted as a goat not a sheep. Nevertheless remain faithful to God in all your doings.

Don’t embrace foreign culture and philosophy which goes contrary to the Word of God. Live in the light of the Word.

Remember that Normal Doesn’t Mean Right.