All Things Work Together For Good, Including Suffering

All Things Work Together For Good, Including Suffering


Christ knew that His friend Lazarus was going to die, but He didn’t prevent it like Peter’s, for God’s glory to be revealed. His father Joseph died while he was in the house but He didn’t raise him from death because Joseph was done with his mission on earth. That’s why Jesus said the other day “I do what I see my father do, and say what I hear him say” therefore “I came to do my father’s will“. God also said “My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts. As far as the heavens is above the earth so are my thoughts about yours

The fact that you are a Christian doesn’t mean trials, affliction, hardship, sickness and death will not visit you. As a matter of fact these things come to perfect your faith, humble and prepare you for the glory far of.

Solomon said the other day in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:2 “All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous, and to the wicked; to the good and to the clean, and to the unclean; to him that sacrificeth, and to him that sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is the sinner; and he that sweareth, as he that feareth an oath.”
He also said in Ecclesiastes 8:14 that “There is something else meaningless that occurs on earth: righteous men who get what the wicked deserve, and wicked men who get what the righteous deserve. This too, I say, is meaningless.”
Be encouraged that even because of Christ you’ll experience an appointment with suffering. Suffering means a lot to anyone who wants to walk with Christ.

Philippians 1:29 – 30 says. “For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;
Having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me.

Whatever your hand finds to do, be it good, do it with all your might. Grace and peace to you.