Is The Word Our Rule?

Is The Word Our Rule?


OUR STRENGTH , THY GRACE, OUR RULE ,THY WORD.” What a powerful stanza. This song is sang by almost all Christians but we never pay attention to the words. The psalmist wrote this song to wake us up from our ignorance. “WE ARE WEAK AND EMPTY VESSELS WITHOUT YOUR GRACE” he said. “YOUR WORD IS OUR RULE, OUR COMMANDMENT” he said. We sing this song with passion but never have we lived it. so how can “OUR END” be “THE GLORY OF THE LORD”?

We keep saying that we can’t obey the word without the help of the Holy Spirit, that’s true. But another truth is that if you don’t subject your WILL to that of His, he can’t do anything. That’s why Jesus said “whoever will” . Which means your will can’t be violated.

Faith never works by confessing scripture. Faith doesn’t work by shouting. Faith doesn’t work by screaming. Faith works by LOVE. That’s why Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior said the other day that “If you love me you’ll keep my word”.

Listen to me family, Life isn’t “well lived” but rather “well done” good and faithful servant. So if I may ask the following questions :
Who or what have you lived for?

Who have you helped without expecting anything in return?

Have you ever fed your neighbor without him asking for food? Even if he asks, do you give him without regret?

What about that naked boy on the street, have you thought of clothing him?

What effort have you made to shelter that homeless wondering where to lay his head when night draws near?

Renew your mind today. Let the words of the psalmist sink deep into your hear. LIVE IT!

Grace and peace to you.