Let Your Light So Shine

Let Your Light So Shine


The Bible is about a Kingdom and this Kingdom has a King. Whenever a King talks His words become laws. So you don’t go and sit with ignorant people to discuss the words of the King, bring out a doctrine which rebels against the King and called it “the will of the King (God)”.

That’s why when the King says “I hate divorce, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery, don’t take what isn’t yours, don’t make image of anything in heaven or on earth and bow down to it, don’t kill, I’m the way”, He means it. You call Him your Lord because He owns you, yet you live with pride, ignorance and self righteousness, trying to redefine and reconstruct His Words. HOW DARE YOU?
Who are you to turn God’s words against Him and call Him a lair?

There’s so much foolishness in the church where people, including pastors speak and behave without any fear of God! If the apostles preached out of revelation and wrote revelation knowledge in a collective books called Bible then you also need the Holy Spirit to understand the things of God. Only those who seek Him finds Him, in case you didn’t know.

Being a graduate of a Bible College doesn’t give you revelation and anointing. Coming out of a seminary doesn’t make you God’s representative. Likewise wearing a clerical collar with jacket, or wearing a cassock doesn’t put you in charge of any office in the five fold ministry. In case you forgot let me remind you, God said “because you rejected my laws I’ll also reject you from being my priest (representative). There’s a price to be paid for that seat, which you do by drinking the cup.

Isn’t it sad that you have a decree in religion but know nothing about the kingdom? Are you not ashamed of yourself that you have a PhD in religion but ignorant of God’s Kingdom? The worse thing you can do is to follow doctrines while you know deep in your heart that you are on the wrong path. The most dangerous thing you could ever do is to ask your creator, King and Lord to revoke His words.

Look at us, the church, most especially Pastors, Priests and those in authority, taking vows and never fulfill them. God doesn’t delight in fools so don’t be in haste to take a vow. And if you should, don’t delay in honoring it. Pastors, Priests and leaders committing adultery in the pulpit. Most of them are filled with pride, lust for money and craving for power just to Lord over people. How can you impart lives positively with this attitude? No wonder the church is filled with murderers, adulterers and hypocrites. What a tragedy! What we call success God is ashamed of. Let people see you and by your deeds, glorify God in Heaven.

Something is definitely wrong with the body. We are sick! How dare we claim to represent the God who made the universe, and we build this building in every corner and call it a church yet in it drug is increasing, homosexuality is exploding, prostitution is at a free lose, adultery is one the top list and broken homes are everywhere including the pulpit. Tell me the body is not sick! How can a Pastor today tell a couple to stay together when He has married four times? How can a priest tell the church to abstain from sexual immorality when He’s living in hypocrisy, sleeping around with no regret. Something is definitely wrong with the body and we are afraid to admit it. We say we are being judged if rebuked and confronted with the truth. We should be honest with ourselves and take part in the change.

Jesus Christ is coming back my friend, and He’ll reward us all according to what we did in our body. Light up your candle. Repent!

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