Gratiam Ministries is found on Christ and geared by the Holy Spirit.


  • Win souls and prepare them for God’s Kingdom.
  • Turn grieving, disturbed and wondering hearts towards God who predestined us all according to His purpose.
  • Stirring up giftings and potentials hidden in individuals to fulfill their destiny.
  • Redirecting hearts and minds of believers towards God’s established principles for marriage.


  • To advance God’s Kingdom and impact generations.
  • To create healthy atmosphere with leaders of good moral force, to help transform generations to fulfill their destiny.
  • To minimize divorce rate in the world.
  • To inspire and draw out the gold in every individual.


FB_IMG_1458136695335Aaron Esenam Ansah, the founder of Gratiam Ministries, is an Electrical engineer who having been called by God to the office of a Teacher, laid down his profession and heed to the call of God to teach and proclaim the Good news of His Kingdom to the world.

The great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is to win souls and prepare them for His Kingdom. The kingdom of God is not a religion. It is an actual government who aims at transferring His culture from the celestial to the telestial. With this revelation at heart, Aaron has been preaching and teaching the kingdom of God with boldness with the help of the Holy Spirit.